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ASDR 2LP Vinyl

by Shing02 & Chimp Beams

  • Record/Vinyl

    This is Limited edition Vinyl(DLP). The limited edition vinyl of "ASDR" includes 3 additional Instrumental tracks; "Revelle Inst", "Darjeeling Inst", and "Mooniris Inst".
    ships out within 3 days
    edition of 20 

      $20 USD


The Coda been a long way since subway art roller skates in central park statue of liberty after dark  b-boys doing it, doing it rhyme off the top a freestyle cypher all about fun, before the hyper prices dress code strictly like a geek or a misfit deep in a life of didn't think twice to clear a sample drum break and a fill to dismantle bass line and a phrase to assemble beat and the source barely resembled telephone lines are still on dial, single records get shipped on vinyl club and radio play the final test for a DJ press it's vital the theme of a hometown anthem always been, will be survival every now and then, you see a revival a school and pride and a pack of vandals the theme of a hometown anthem always been, will be survival every now and then, you hear a revival a school and pride and a pack of vandals fast forward to the future, rewind to the present stop at the moment, record the movement no pause for the students of the game no excuse for snoozing a shoe-in to steal from the rich that got rich from looting you can consume but resume after chewing the media never gets tired of dooming the world like it's over many times over so what's the coda they can ban the amp but you can't stop the camp to raise the lamp oh, go a cappella commando  spit with a fury than can blow ten candles time flies when u write a fly rhyme take a dope instrumental on a ride let the high tides, sweep the nation, ill communication live giving fives on wi-fi the theme of a hometown anthem always been, will be survival every now and then, you hear a revival a school and pride and a pack of vandals the theme of a hometown anthem always been, will be survival every now and then, you feel a revival a school and pride and a pack of vandals soundman can you turn my mic up he says DJ's gotta turn it down, uh monitors blown out, speakers on feedback song cut off, get a homey to beatbox and the beat knocks like straight out the boombox  you can hear it from the city to the boondocks that's tagalog, baby and it's all maganda tag a wall with a marker on the under old school poster in the sun, no magenta, yellow or black and the image off-center see these poems like the kids in the shelter we breed songs like seeds in placenta and I'm the father, word to the mother earth to the people, power to the peaceful shoot for the moon revolutionary idol never televised nor idle the theme of a hometown anthem always been, will be survival every now and then, you see a revival a school and pride and a pack of vandals the theme of a hometown anthem always been, will be survival every now and then, you feel a revival a school and pride and a pack of vandals
Revelle one leg up on the competition just like a dog in pee position polish the key to composition hook u up like a mad physician my turn to manipulate your brain outta time and speak phoenician esperanto free magician cosmic rays entering your frame flow right through you and still hit you sonic voodoo shaka zulu my friends smoke sheesha and cheeba I eat quiches and burn sages introduce and state the thesis paragraphs to stack my pieces conclude and eat my reese's you can kiss my peaches, excuse me while i peel the leaches off I use to like coloring books now I could care less what fits in or out the lines and signs are making perfect sense so why the fuss why must the canine chase the feline now discuss in 60 seconds or less 140 letters or less or else stfu no beef tofu option no safety for u catch a lefty jab and rightie hookie dude explore don't ignore explore don't ignore explore don't ignore explore to the core revelle, my belle you can ring my bell wake the resting giant mini me hiding in the simile dream state rem and scheming rhyme no reason, colors gleaming pretty in pink, noble in purple three syllable lemonade eliminate the stress, verbal herbal healing wipe the ceiling glass the rebound triple teaming synapses snap synopsis get hot when them chimps are beaming used to be nowhere, but now here gnostic, agnostic or mystic, azteca script and spirit attica, esoterica, and erotica let there be light and I create as I say look up abra cadabra give thanks to hunger, I keep working for food for thought without the coma, call audibles liver than macgyver anti-cyber hyper texting why you hibernating, nuclear winter 'tis the season the league is gone but clean your fangs and don't get neutered on the same note don't get caught up waxing buddhas at home so put your thinking cap on take the ginger out the freezer get up outta here with your four leaf clover and misnomer before I stuff the plunger up your I'm feeling lyrical, downloading miracles peek a boo my biz empirical, my record is impeccable
Sunbaked blazing sun can make you crazy sauna streets can make you lazy no ac, hit the fans, summertime in nyc the bare skins can drive you crazy what have I done for me lately oh lady, gimme a chance, summertime in nyc sweltering clothing, sugar rays, welterweight asphalt humidity arrives in alternate waves water hydrant sprays in the ways of children hop puddles on pavement reflect the cadence black and white and gray, love and hate so classic like radio raheem sounds careen off the walls and echo in halls a short story long, twenty-four like jack b nimble on the tracks of all trades beats for cheese, eyes like knives, fixed on tease a smile and a chat open doors like keys so what am I supposed to do on trysts like these the twists that follow got you weak in the knees but the week is never-ending and the legs begging please take me to a place where we can chill nomadic and the hot spells take a back seat to the magic flirting with the triple digit heat prospects on the mound I'm a scout sweat dripping on the seats you jealous 'cause they get butts in the stands fans get rowdy at the players with their heads in the sand the beach bodies and the hotties got the party jumping but I'm on the boardwalk snapping instagrams sipping iced blue bottle with the crew getting tanned all the while my mind is a wandering… a plan is a plan so you must overstand that it's never set in stone unless you get a grand on a ticket better brand that, patent that move or a pattern like a panda independent plan that next step then you fill a gap like a tooth fairy gotta be a busy bee if you want the queen trust me, you don't want a brat oh it's tragic you know comedy? shoot numbers automatic
Mixed Signals I don't know if I can call u mine but I do think about u all the time cause u know u truly one of a kind I wanna talk about u in my rhyme I don't know if I can call u mine yet, cuz I can't seem to read what the sign says mixed signals got my traffic in jams let the chance take the wheels to my steel frame mind set u pump gas in my vessel I'm ignited guzzle a gallon lick a liter I'm excited a two-seater for the win an you're invited I got the heater with the seeker like a pilot on a stealth mission but I don't approve of violence I want to bless your skin like ultra violet rays in the fields, days when I keel flat from fatigue I feel your kindness never mind this letter I can dig it if you mine, dig you're my rescue that's why I sign this I've been stuck long enough to know better than the next but the next man is a go-getter trend setter, so the man in the mirror is the one I'm responsible for and I'm drawing up a draft for a heist to pull off the princess in the tower, I'm a frog not a coward so I climb up the vines to the level of divine and what do I find you were sleeping in a linen of the utmost kind the heights got me shook, the tights got me looking oops sights got me spooked besides the time I took i entered the arena and I centered my Athena in the scope of my vision heart beat like a pigeon in a coop like a lion about to jump through a hoop on flames at a crack of a whip and then I looped the thought of waking up a sleeping beauty is a nightmare so I turned around and chose truth over dare I was once a hopeless romantic I suppose that the focus on the latter is a snake to the ladder going down with the gravity grabbing on my sanity sapping on my energy and sucking on my vanity can it be the yin in me darkness is a friend not an enemy better be a pet than a pest, see the moral of this story is that stories are immoral you can catch a fish but you can't grow a coral why the hell you want to die today or be immortal why you think the space is big nothing is important everything happens for a reason and a season everybody comes as a blessing or a lesson lady acting like a baby in a test tube I was your rescue and you declined it
Darjeeling hit you in the solar plexus situation so damn precious scenes pass sooner than expected hourglass with a crack as predicted seasons crossfade with a shoulder curve  celsius touch colder on nerves strike a chord g minor define a vibe escape words through a finer sift I need an energy shift think different gift shops call it a day the town glistening flowing down a current with no frame of reference my heart screams ayo, who's listening? lapis creeps on a one-way street pedestrians glued to the screen, and discrete headphones in-earbuds blasting tunes kids retreat to change in cocoons man, looking for night out got spots where our folks work so we dine out, update my lyrics and kill it so hard make my old songs sound better you can meet me at meme antenna on bedford ave a quick fix in the mall, drink at supercore and we're rocking a set at bpm, brooklyn icewater on the decks, good lookin' out and about my mind is everywhere as you can tell but you can take me there to a place without a doubt or care cause anything good comes in pairs grip your text in my palm called upon, yeah calm before the storm pick you up at eleven at times square I know, we gotta go up go upstairs too late to reminisce but you can't help miss like Roy did Pris and gave her a last kiss on the premise that data on disc is running a risk and you hope that the error is fixed on site despite, an effort last ditch to save a sunny day summer's gone and fall is here to stay rent free, pick targets to shoot the cool breeze while bathing the tea leaves in a cup of my mind on a cusp to find and conceive an idea whose time has come my dear when this battle is won the nights we fought, time wasted wasn't for naught fault lines crossed, foul balls caught and I'm ready so we ought to design a new network then, shukran friends are my networth, good lookin' out and about my mind is everywhere as you can tell but you can take me there to a place without a doubt or care cause anything good comes in pairs don't fight the feelin' you're my darjeeling make you say oolong to the break of dawn more matte than latte when the sky is earl grey you got the camomile smile, press play
High Line Park won't you take a trip to the high line park with me browse the skyline from the west side of town  a famed story, restored glory tracks of freight trains circa 1930 feet above ground touch the dirty fingerprints of the gods  faint frames on the fray of lost rejuvenated souvenirs  I cross the flyover above 10th ave, a magic carpet the queue to the loo at the Chelsea market I mean the bathroom line too long like fair rides so I start this trek up the stairs to heaven, and I'm walking on cloud wow two plus seven on the trail and already loving it  I see afternoon couples in bubbles whispering sweet nothingness I spot a girl on her cell looking troubled so I wink and she shows a glimpse of fondness, soft flavor is filling the atmos feelin' like a new york giant on top of a mini atlas from the meadow to grass lands, in fact it's glass and wood to metal and concrete evolution of the city would never be complete without the stamp of the locals approved and sealed, like photo and vocal booths to spiel the best of yesteryears from the archives walk down soon to be memory lane of our lives fantastic, voyage it's a bit voyeuristic, share a touristic cruise down the high line park with me graze the hudson river east side bank, the territory an allegory of roots spreading like a lotus single lens re-flex with auto focus max the color palette, mix is cinematic olive to camo jacket, match the wild thicket while I stroll planks and watch the plants grow you can catch me on display from the gallery row folks of all salaries or lack thereof join the cast of a passage packed drama in a baggage diorama with foliage, a scenic exhibit a tidbit so vivid will solicit a visit as we approach the tail of a track like a stylus in a groove, the rail yards prove to be the next chapter another vision to be captured laughter to follow ever after so onto 30th street, I descend the end of an escapade and the opposite of escalate a tight spiral, a touchdown oh what a flight people drinking brew on a Wednesday night by this time I regret bypassing the stalls plus I'm starting to starve and I must make the call a million choices so what would you do? take a cab midtown to get me some mee noodles, ooh
Masala twenty-first century hardcore tactics have you had enough of saccharine tictacs spice to tongue feed the syntax don't be crass just cause I've been lax yo stop bossing I've been that my own team is a group of sindbads not one but two percenters super ninjas you stupid dingbats my inches rule like Genghis Kahn to continents what I'm to confidence since information is ambient you need an ambulance to get past the traffic in an accident ask the judge if you can activate the third eye and you might get an affidavit swear to the court and and then cuss the agents custom border patrol with orders goods importer and bad exporters petro or water sack the quarter rounds of mortars for mourners of martyrs uh solder wires to contact cool to bond the tips but beyond that who's behind the mask pinch of turmeric profile prolific, that's him pacific rim, ring of fire apocalyptic, bomb olympics pimp politics make ho's of simpletons attempt to taste and take a hold of impotence brain waves knowledge of power sittin' pretty in ottomans, antonym of ignorance killin' em with gems, the synonym sweet like cinnamon, strong like cardamon masala masala masala my voice to your eardrum chopped cayenne to the nostrils worldwide youth hostile extreme apostles, nocturnal posse of opossums strike a b-boy pose to foes and then juxtapose heimlich to a chokehold iron rich injera, v for vendetta red hot chili pepper spray, ay mr. officer stop it sir you break up the parties in riot gear I copped it, photoshopped it and cropped it go to egypt and muslims coptics co-oped in the line of fire never co-opted I won't retire cuz the game is thicker than molokhia the dragon slayer, dope rhyme sayer say yayer to the aroma gonna wake the dead or from a coma I'ma serve the songs that flush your brain and perform miracles on carcinomas hail rosemary coriander cilantro hot berbere, very necessary to heed the station, faite attention bless the nation, I bleed the peace these colors run down the flagstaff a count of three, drink the half-half real and fake who gets the last laugh do the math fast and get the gas mask senses sharp like cumin check my acumen, take your vitamins sniff the saffron and scream eureka bitter like oregano, bright like paprika masala masala masala money printed on paper and cotton bark and fiber return when rotten to the soil that feeds the young seeds, fend off the plague like Four Thieves vinegar, wine garlic and wormwood nag champa to set the mood cook the food with fennel, mint and thyme chaat masala and a hint of lime masala masala masala
Envocar this is an invocation sans denomination official invitation for a nomination cordially to be seated at a table slated for an enlightened communication realization of a civilization globalization with domination abominations cause indignation challenges our concept of a nation thus we evoke the ghost of the ages spiritual fire engulfs self-ire holy in a sense of holistic practice preach what you will but don't diss the baptist envocar, my interpretation interpolation of information you can call it a hunch with a case of inclination of an intuition the cut is deep in the skin, incision inflammation due to indecision infrastructure of imperfections counter intelligence interception infestation of indoctrination by commercial tv radio stations intimidation of incarceration inflation and incapacitation impersonation of liberation implementation of limitations imitation a sincere form of skullduggery auctioned off like Christie's or Sotheby's   however thee you choose to perform over this other beat generated by elites their concern, genetic preservation just another case of pool conservation who wants a real conversation original occupation on the reservation under and overground cultivation the seed and the land self-determination if you believe in reincarnation big bang was the immaculate conception creation, energy fusion chelation, fractal mutation appendix a through z into sections alpha and omega, vector is my alias no one calls me that I'm anonymous like billy shakes autonomous regions band together fight social execution foreign policy electrocution populous reduction, run by the factions why bother to speak louder than actions we must seek retribution ask not but pay forward with contributions infiltration of the institution to the people uphold the constitution this is an invocation sans denomination official invitation for a nomination cordially to be seated at a table slated for an enlightened communication realization for a civilization globalization with domination abominations cause indignation challenges our concept of a nation
Sunday AM sunday morning, it could be the first day or the seventh day whichever way it's a slow day sunday morning it could be the first day or the seventh day whichever way sleeping in or early birdie keeping it real playlist on indie sunday papers a hangover saturday night fever lemon water hop in the shower the longest hour to get dressed nobody to text or messages to check just a little game of words with friends yeah it never ends sunday brunches some day churches i mean i used to on a bye week of sunday football american you know cappuccino mocha with soy soccer's good too though to watch with the boys I miss basketball end the lockout y'all gotta run but I walk man every day like the city is a floor plan I'm an easy shopper i love garage sales and craig is the dude, he should get his own shoes i get an invite they got a barbecue byob I might swing by after my falafels with some french fries with some baba ghanoush it's like a full course on the tube now they got baseball 162? that's too long fool sunday morning, it could be the first day or the seventh day whichever way it's a slow day sunday morning it could be the first day or the seventh day whichever way, hey sunday morning it could be the first day or the seventh day whichever way we chill on the balcony on the steps on the front porch in the backyard in the driver seat in the back seat riding shotgun on the freeway on a motorbike on a bicycle up in the hills in the mountains on a trail in the woods in the forest by the river on the bridge at the beach on a surfboard on a skateboard at a cafe at a diner at a flea market at a taqueria on the block on the corner on the fence on the wall on the sidewalk on the mezzanine in the hallway in my room


Track List

Side-A1 The Coda 04:32
Side-A2 Revelle 04:34
Side-A3 Sunbaked 03:11

Side-B1 Mixed Signals 04:45
Side-B2 Darjeeling 04:24
Side-B3 High Line Park 03:19

Side-C1 Masala 04:13
Side-C2 Envocar 04:57
Side-C3 Sunday Am 04:38

Side-D1 Revelle Inst 04:34
Side-D2 Darjeeling Ins 04:25
Side-D3 Mooniris Inst 04:44


released April 25, 2012

Produced by Chimp Beams
Lyrics by Shing02

Chimp Beams are Marihito Ayabe, K-go Mizutani & Yusuke Yamamoto
Marihito Ayabe : MPC60, Drum Machines, Keys, Bass & Guitar
Yusuke Yamamoto : Vibes, Keys, Bass, Drums, Percussion & Flute
K-go Mizutani : Guitars

Additional Musicians are
Matt Pavolka : upright bass on B3 "High Line Park"
Dorothea Tachler : vocals on B2 "Darjeeling" & C3 "Sunday AM"
Takuya Kuroda : solo trumpet on A1 "The Coda"
DJ Icewater : scratches on A1 "The Coda"

Backing Vocals are
Namiko Ishikawa on A2 "Revelle"
Hideyuki Waki, Marihito Ayabe, Yusuke Yamamoto on C1 "Masala"

Mixed & Mastered by Hideyuki Waki (ConcentNY)
Recorded in Brooklyn, NY (2011 - 2012)

Concent Publishing (BMI) Go Water Music (BMI) Mt. Books Music (BMI)
Shingo Annen (BMI) Dorothea Tachler Publishing (ASCAP)

Artwork, Photography & Logo Design by Namiko Ishikawa (ConcentNY)

Shing02 www.e22.com
Chimp Beams www.chimpbeams.com


all rights reserved



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Brooklyn based music production label.
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